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Tanaka, Koji
Research on the relation between relaxation and promotion factors of stresses from home caregiving revealed that the number of years as a member of caregivers group had positive effect against such stresses. In this study, we prepared questionnaires focused on psychological function of caregiver's self-help group. Survey sheets were mailed to 385 caregivers joinning in such groups, and 176 valid answers were collected from February to March, 2000. The average age of caregivers was 64.5 years old, and most of them are spouses and daughters-in-law in 3 to 4 people families. The average period as a member of a group is 4.2 years. They satisfied with the activities, and are willing to be continuing members. One third of them always or often come to the meetings, and they ask public service when they attend. Demand for knowledge and technique on caregiving is high, and the group fulfill most of the demand. The members are also willing to tell information to others.
Family care givers
Self help group