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Ohomichi, Mineo
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I have recently examined the therapeutic efficacy of the new urethral medicine, namely "Vitargol" (Colloidal Tanninsilberprotein-Compound) in about 22 cases of gonorrhea, including acute and chronic gonorrheal urethritis and other gonorrheal complications. It has been produced by the Kolloid-Seiyaku Company in Japan for the local medication of the urethra. Judging from my limited experience, I find that it achieves a highly desirable effect. My summarized conclusions are as follows:- 1) The application of Vitargol for gonorrhea proves to have great medical efficacy, as compared with any other similar medicines. 2) If it is dissolved in water, it keeps a long time without sedimentation. 3) It has no irritant effect on the urethral mucous membrane.