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發熱ガ黴毒血清反感ニ於ケル非特異性ニ及ボス影響ニ就テ 第II編 Sulfurol發熱ニヨル實驗

Ohmichi, Mineo
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1) The minimum dose of Sulfurol sufficient to produce fever in the rabbit is 0.6cc.per kilo. The febrile symptom shows about 3 hours after the injection. The maximum temperature is reached about 5 or 6 hours after the injection and about 10 hours is required to bring down fever. So the febrile stage lasts for about 7 hours on an average. 2) The non-specificity in the rabbitsserum is not influenced by variably binding the body of the rabbit. 3) The fever produced artificially has no influence upon the seronegative rabbitsserum. 4) In case the rabbitsserum has no non-specificity in the Browning and Murata seroreaction, showing non-specificity in the Meinickes New Clarification test (M.K.R.II.), this positive reaction either remains unaltered, or shows negative tendency in the course of fever. On the Contrary, it indicates negativeness or negative tendency when the fever is reduced to normal. 5) In case the rabbitsserum has shown non-specificity in the Murata test only, indicating negativeness both in the Browning reaction and M.K.R.II., this positive reaction changes to negativeness by the artificial fever. And when the fever is reduced to normal this reaction changes to negativeness for the first time. 6) In case the Browning test is negative and the others are positive, the false positive tendency in the Murata test always disappears earlier than in the M.K.R.II., probably due to the different nature of both tests. 7) The disappearance of non-specificity in the Murata reaction and M.K.R.II. is proportionate to the repeated number of fever paroxysms. 8) Judging from the result of the fever experiment, the reappearance of nonspecificity is recognised earlier in the Murata test than in the M.K.R.II. But in the case of total disappearance of the non-specific seroreaction, the reappearance of non-specificity is not recognised within 30 days after the reduction of fever in either of the two tests. 9) The rabbit that has been seronegative before the febrile experiment never develops non-specific reaction in the course of fever. 10) The relation between Albumin and Globulin at the febrile stage is found to be as follows:- i. In the case of Al>Gl before the experiment, Globulin is on the increase. ii. In the case of Al