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指紋上よりみたる日本人の研究 第10編 山陽地方人(備前地方人)の指紋について

Kusaka, Hironao
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1. I took 6, 556 (3, 196 males and 3, 360 females) of the people living in the Bizen (Okayama prefecture Wake county) as examples of the Sanyo inhabitants from among all the Japanese of Chugoku to examine the frequency of the occurrence of the four basic fingerprints. And of the four prints in the case of males, a type is 2.1% ± 0.08%; r type 3.1% ± 0.09%; u type 48.1% ± 0.28; and w type 46.7% ± 0.28%. And in the case of females, a is 3.0% ± 0.09%; r 2.4% ± 0.08%; u 52.0% ± 0.27%; and w 42.6% ± 0.27%. 2. When the above-mentioned frequency of the occurrence of each of the four fingerprints is compared with that of the repsesentative one of the Japanese race, it is found that there is a certain degree of difference between the Japanese inhabitants of Sanyo (Bizen) and those living in the southern part of Kyushu in the frequency of the occurrence of the type of u and w in both cases of male and female. From this fact we can guess that the former have bearing a resemblance to the Japanese of the northern Kyushu, the Koreans, the Chinese and the Manchurians, while the latter, to the Ryukyu people and the Indonesians (of Java).