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パラチオン中毒に関する研究 第3編 貧血家兎に於けるパラチオン中毒

Tanimoto, Hajime
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In the rabbits with bleeding anemia, the red cell cholinesterase was inhibited following subcutaneous injection of 10 mg/kg parathion as in the cases of normal rabbits, while the recovery of red cell cholinesterase was faster and greater than that of the normal, and moreover, it was estimated to be above the normal value. Changes of serum cholinesterase activity was the same as those of red cell cholinesterase. On the contrary, in the rabbits with anemia induced by repeated injections of bezol, slower recovery of red cell cholinesterase was observed, but the serum cholinesterase activity was similar to that of the control. In both these anemic cases, almost no difference in LD(50) of parathion could be detected.