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Urobilin体の定量に関する研究 第2篇 加熱時のAldehyde反応

Watanabe, Haruo
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1. The comparative studies were photometrically observed on the reacting solution after the aldehyde reaction of each proportion separated from urine by the Weiss's method at the room temperature or in heating and it was clarified, that the pigment occupied the important region of increasing the red tone was the II proportion of histidin and the origin of it's pigment was indican, by the paperchromatography. The substance of indole system was contained in the urochrom proportion and histidinel L proportion and it increased the red tone in heating, but the rate of increasing the color was low as compared with indican. 2. The combined substance of indoxyl-aldehyde i. e. Goessner's pigment became red in the polar solvent and yellowish brown in the unpolar solvent, and it changed to red over the pH 4 and yellowish brown below the pH 4. Therefore, it was yellowish brown with the absorption maximum at 474 mμ under the condition in the aldehyde reaction of urine, but it became having a red tone on the density of indican over 3mg dl. 3. The relation of urobilinogen was often observed on the red tone appeared at the first period, in heating after the addition of aldehyde reagent into urine.