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Pentothal・Sodium静脈麻酔時間と自律神経機能に関する実験的研究 第2編 自律神経毒剤加のPentothal・Sodium体内分布に及ぼす影響に関する実験的研究

Matsuda, Yoshio
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Following the estimation of anaesthetic duration, I investigated the distribution of pento thal in the body (Brain, Blood, Kidney, Leber, Muscle. Fat), taking advantage of Beck-mantype Spectroptomoter. 1) Epinephrin, Norepinephrin, Ephedrin coursed the increased coucentration of pentothal in the Brain, Kidney, Muscle and Fat, and coursed the decreased concentration in the blood. 2) The prolonged duration of anaestetic coursed by administration of prostigmin, physostigmin, D. P. E. are shown to be correlateed with an increased rate of penetration of anaesthetic in the blood and brain. 3) Pyruvate also prolonged the duration of anaesthetic and this prolongation is reduced by addited administration of acetylcholin. These above results show that the inhibition of cholinacetylase by pyruvate coursed the increased permeability to pentothal and that addition of acetylcholin reverse the effect.