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特発性栓球減少性紫斑病の本態に関する臨床的並びに実験的研究 第2篇 実験的栓球減少性紫斑病に於ける巨核球に就いて

Kishi, Akiyoshi
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By studying experimental thrombocytopenic purpura induced by the injection of anti-platelet serum, by means of the bone-marrow tissue culture the author observed the influences of the anti-platelet serum on megakaryocytes and obtained the following results: 1. No morphological changes in megakaryocytes can be observed in smeared-stained specimens of the bone-marrow. 2. The decrease of the function of megakaryocytes has been confirmed in the bone-marrow tissue culture of the guinea pig injected with anti-platelet serum of guinea pig. 3. Repeated injections of anti-platelet serum palliate the decline in number of thrombocytes in the peripheral blood and the decreased function of megakaryocytes caused by the serum injection.