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本態性萎黄貧血の下垂体副腎皮質系に関する研究 第3編 Screening Testによる物質代謝について

Yamamoto, Shomi
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With a view to clarify the cause of idiopathic hypochromic anemia the author studied the function of the adrenocortical system, this time, by observing the changes in the tissue metabolism through the screening test. 1. The basal metabolic rate showed a slight increase and it was mcstly increased in males while it was mostly at the normal level in females. 2. As for serum inorganic substances chlorine was decreased but sodium and phosphate were increased; and the ratio Na/K was high, showing irregular tendency in the function of the pituitary adrenocortical system involving the mineral metabolism. 3. By Robinson-Power-Kepler water test 29.4per cent showed positive rate, indicating a slight fall in the function of the pituitary adrenocortical system involved in hydroelectrolytic metabolism. 4. In the insulin tolerance test the insulin tolerance index and a decline in insulin resista nce and recovery of hypoglycemia were found to have decreased slightly. However, by treatment the insulin resistance improved but the recovery of hypoglycemia rather became worse.