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Takatori, Yoshimichi
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We investigated the intracranial hemorrhage of the newborn, basing on the records of 399 autopsized cases over 7th gestational month delivered at the Okayama University Maternity Hospital during the period 1934 to 1957 inclusive. These cases contained not only the stillbirths but the new-borns died after delivery. 1) As the cause of death, the intracranial hemorrhage occupied 30.8% of total deaths. 2) The intracranial hemorrhage had in higher incidence occurred in those were uuder 30 years of age and primiparous. It mainly consisted of the case having the complications such as to make delivery prolonged, forceps deliveres and the manual extractions. 3) There were found the significant number of intracranial hemorrhage in those died immediately before the delivery and those expired from the asphyxia without respiration. 4) As the frequent site of hemorrhage, the subdural hemorrhage was found. 5) The comparative study was, furthemore, performed on the difference between the neonatal death due to the suffocation and those due to the intracranial hemorrhage.