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幼牛血液抽出剤Solcoserylに関する実験的研究 第5編 人の胃組織におよぼすSolcoserylの影響に関する組織化学的研究―glucoseを基質とする特殊組織化学反応について―

Yoshida, Hiroshi
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In order to clarify the regenerating mechanism of the human stomach ulcer with Solcoseryl, the following histochemical experiment was performed. Frozen sections of some blocks of normal gastric mucous membrane, ulcer and carcinoma were incubated in a medium, which includes glucose as a substrate, nitro-BT, KCN, phosphate buffer at pH 7.0 and Solcoseryl, and the results were compared with control excluding Solcoseryl. The mains were as follows; 1) In normal gastric mucous membrane, the reaction was weakly noticed in spite of negative in controls. In repairing epithelium of ulcer and in intestinal metaplasic area, the staining was moderate, but in those controls it was negative. While, atrophic area of mucous membrane and granulation in ulcer base, did not show any reaction. Therefore, Solcoseryl might promote regeneration of the gastric mucous membrane, and its reacting point is perhaps newly forming part of epithelium such as the repairing epithelium. 2) Most cases of gastric cancer, especially in prolifirating part, showed a positive reaction, and this result suggested that Solcoseryl might promote the proliferation of cancer cells. 3) It is observed that Solcoseryl activates certain oxidative pathway of glucose in the epitherial cells.