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Okamoto, Tadashi
Meguro, Tadamichi
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A comparative study of the influence of air pollution on a human body was made between 416 inhabitants in the air-polluted area and 291 inhabitants in the non-air-polluted area, aged 40 to 69, in Mizushima Industrial Area. The condition of air pollution in Mizushima Districts, except some districts, has changed for the better since September in 1973, so there were found less differences between the study and the control areas in both of the values of SO(2) concentration and NO(x) concentration. Accordingly, the incidence of a respiratory disease by air pollution was considered to have no significant difference in comparison with the control area. But, in the pulmonary function test, the values of V(50)/V(25) and V(25)/V(10), especially, by the flow-volume curve were high significantly in the fifties and the sixties of age of the study area.