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Analysis of Brushless-dc Motor Drive System Taking Account of a Load

Funabiki Shigeyuki
Imanaka Akira
Himei Toyoji
In the power converter of ac drive system the switching behavior of semiconductors causes the distorted voltage and current waveforms, thus the drive characteristics are affected by them. It is, especially, an essential problem that the distorted current waveforms induce the torque ripple. It is assumed in the previous analysis that the input voltage of inverter is a ripple-free dc one. In industry, however, the input voltage of inverter is gained by rectifying the ac voltage. The torque ripple is caused by not only the behavior of inverter but also the behavior of converter. It is required to develop the analysis taking account of the both behaviors. In this paper, the analysis of brushless-dc motor drive system is proposed taking account of the ac supply, power converter, motor and load. This analytical method is the most suitable one for the analysis of practical system. The effects of factors, e.g. filter constants, inverter frequency, phase relation between ac supply and inverter cycle, load and inertia on the speed variation are revealed by this analysis. Further, the decision of filter constants is discussed from a view of speed variation.