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Determination of Coefficients of Groundwater Flow in Multilayered Aquifers

Kohno Iichiro
It is difficult to determine the coefficients of groundwater flow from the data which were obtained from the drawdown test in a multiaquifer system. In this paper, new methods of analyzing drawdown-tests are developed and illustrated with the example to determine aquifer coefficients. In a double-layered aquifer, the analytical solution of drawdown test, in which water is discharged from both layers, is derived. And also the theoretical solution to determine the coefficient of storage by using an index of elasticity of a confined aquifer is derived. From these solutions, methods of determining the coefficient of transmissibility in a double-layered aquifer and the coefficinent of storage in a confined aquifer are got. The example analysis to determine aquifer coefficients is shown. As a result, the characteristics which were obtained by these methods are verified by the real drawdown test data.