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Effect of Quenching Condition on the Growth of GP Zones in Al-lmass % Ag Alloy

Sakakibara, Akira
Kanadani, Teruto
Aging of Al-lmass % Ag alloy at 273K after quenching under various conditions was studied by measurement of electrical resistivity. Scattering of the quasi-equilibrium value of resistivity (p(e)) was not random but closely related to the as-quenched value (p(o)); P(e) increased with increasing p(o)' When the quenching temperature (T(q)) was lower than or equal to 773K, the state at p(e) was controlled substantially by the concentration of quenched vacancy. On the other hand, when T(q)>823K, GP zones formed during quenching played an important role, instead of quenched vacancies, in determining the state.