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Numerical Study on Transient Heat Characteristics of a Rectangular Latent Heat Storage Vessel

Inaba, Hideo
Tu Ping
Ozaki, Koichi
Transient characteristics of the rectangular latent heat storage vessel packed with shape-stabilized phase change (solid-liquid) material (PCM) are investigated numerically by solving the governing equations of both the PCM and the heat transfer medium(water) simultaneously as a conjugate problem with the finite difference technique. It's found that the heat storage characteristics are greatly affected by the flow direction of the heat transfer medium since the natural and forced convection coexists in the heat storage vessel. That is, it is classified that the effectively thermal efficiency of the latent heat storage system is obtained by the downflow along vertical PCM for heat storage process and the upflow for heat release process. The effect of the inlet velocity of heat transfer medium(water) on transient heat characteristics of the latent heat storage system is also revealed in the present study.