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Ultrasonic Implantation of Bioactive Glass Particles into Poly(methyl methacrylate) Substrates

Tsuru, Kanji
Nishiyama Chikako
Ohtsuki, Chikara
Poly(methyl methacrylate) substrates were immersed in suspensions containing bioactive 50CaO・50SiO(2) (mol%) glass particles (45 μm in diameter) and a 6:4 (volume fraction) mixture of ethanol and THF, and an ultrasonic energy was applied to the system. A layer of glass particles was implanted and covered more than 50% of the substrate surface. Thin film X-ray diffraction patterns and FT-IR reflection spectra indicated deposition of apatite on the glass-implanted substrates after they were soaked for 12 h in a simulated body fluid similar in apatite-deposition ability to the human blood plasma. Flake-like apatite crystallites formed on the substrate soaked in SBF for 3 days.