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On the Friction Factor for the Turbulent Flow of Dilute Aqueous Polymer Solutions

Hirose Koji
Oka Takuma
A series of turbulent pipe flow experiments with dilute aqueous C.M.C. solutions are described. The purpose of these experiments are to compare the anomalous viscous drag results from these experiments with the results using water (Newtonian viscous fluid). The additive concentrations of the present experiments are from 0.01% to 0.5% by weight of C.M.C., giving power-law indexes 1 to 0.75, respectively. All of the concentrations are found to give a reduction in turbulent friction factor, compared with Newtonian at the same Reynolds number. A maximum friction factor reduction of 64 % is obtained at a Reynolds number 2x10(3) for solutions having polymer concentration of 0.3% by weight.