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Effects of Pointed Splitter Position on Attached Jet Switching

Wada Tsutomu
Shimizu Akira
In this report, the effects of splitter position on the attached jet were experimentally investigated for the purpose of discussing the applicability of a usual mathematical model without splitter. As results, the followings were confirmed, (l) For the splitter distance shorter than the critical distance, the pressure in the bubble lowers and the jet radius of curvature shortens. (2) At the ratio L(s)/D=4~5, the switching control flow rate becomes maximum. And bordering this value, the effects of splitter position on the switching are quite conversely. For the splitter distance longer than the above value, the switching control flow rate decreases, as increasing the distance. (3) For the splitter distance of 1.5~2 times critical distance, the switching is almost never affected by the splitter.