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Deformation and Prefered Orientation of Precipitates in Cold Worked Al-Zn Alloys

Ohta Mutsuo
Hashimoto Fumio
Maeda Hironobu
Fiber textures of drawn wires of Al-Zn alloys containing precipitates were studied mainly by X-ray methods. In supersaturated solid solution the wire texture was a double fiber texture with [100]and [111]. It was considered that a phase precipitates were rotated with matrix, while they were deformed. And then the matrix containing stable precipitates (Zn) had [100] and [111] textures. The intense spots, corresponding to [111] fiber texture of matrix, in the Debye rings of (002)p and (101)p planes of precipitates were clearly observed. But, on the other hand, spots, corresponding to [100] fiber texture of matrix, shown the prefered orientation of precipitates in (002)p Debye ring were very weak and brodening.