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On a Study of the Empirical Formula to Explain the Work Amount

Osaki Hirokazu
Kikuchi Susumu
This paper deals with the empirical formula to explain the work amount curve of a worker during a work. The empirical formula yt = at(b) + c was used to explain this phenomenon until now. This formula has been used mainly to approximate to the monotonous trend of the work amount curve. But it was made clear that if the work amount curve showed the polynomial trend, it could not be done so. Then the authors attempt to establish the empirical formula yt = a/{exp(Σb(i)t(i))-l} + c, which was the general form of the logistic curve in order to explain not only the monotonous trend but also the polynomial trend of the work amount curve. And it was made clear from the results of the approximation that this formula was the one of the most usuful formula in order to explain the work amount curve.