Mathematical Journal of Okayama University volume61 issue1
2019-01 発行

Berezin-Weyl quantization of Heisenberg motion groups

Cahen, Benjamin D´epartement de math´ematiques Universit´e de Lorraine
Publication Date
We introduce a Schr¨odinger model for the generic representations of a Heisenberg motion group and we construct adapted Weyl correspondences for these representations by adapting the method introduced in [ B. Cahen, Weyl quantization for semidirect products, Differential Geom. Appl. 25 (2007), 177-190].
Weyl correspondence
Berezin quantization
Heisenberg motion group
Schr¨odinger representation
Bargmann-Fock representation
Segal-Bargmann transform
unitary representation
coadjoint orbit
Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 22E45; Secondary 22E70, 22E20, 81S10, 81R30.