Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Oka, Masumi
My study on abbreviations with numerals consists of three parts. This is the last part. Many abbreviations with numerals have been used as political slogans by the Chinese Communist Party. I try to clarify, by analyzing those abbreviations, the phases of Chinese society today. In this part of my study, I deal with those which belong to such social phenomena as ① corruption of the Party leaders and the government officials,② disturbance ofthe peace, ③ educational problems, etc. My study has revealed that abbreviations with numerals are devided into four groups, that is, those which show ① policies by the central Party and Government, ② policies by the local governments and enterprises, ③ nationwide social phenomena, and ④ local phenomena. Many abbreviations belonging to ① and ③ will appear in dictionaries in the future, and those belonging to ② and ④ will not. The latter, however, reflects the various problems that China now faces, and enables us to understand her. Abbreviations are so simple in structure that they are often ambiguous. "San-tong", for example, sometimes means "the three direct links between the two sides of Taiwan Straits", and sometimes means "the three kinds oflifeline in case ofcalamity".
論説 (Article)