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Matsumoto, Toshiro Kaken ID publons researchmap
This paper is aimed at summing up T. Matsumoto's recent academic achievements regarding Anshan Iron & Steel Co. in northeast China. The important facts raised therein are as follows. AISC rapidly recovered its facilities in the first half of 1950s. The production level of AISC resumed its maximum prewar level between 1952 to 1954. How was it possible to restore the equipment which had been heavily damaged from the WWII and the Chinese Civil War in such a short period? A marvelous reconstruction of AISC in 'Three Year Reconstruction Period' after 1949 was a result realized by the combination of many factors: (1) exceptional enthusiasm for reconstruction among young Chinese engineers and workers who were sent to Anshan and trained there; (2) the flexible man power policy of Eight Route Army controlling their hostile emotion to the ex-enemies, pursuing the latest and rational know-how, and challenging to create a new steel production technology; (3) availability and cooperation of the Japanese and the ex-Nationalist Chinese engineers; (4) remaining equipments and captured documents; (5) experience and skills ofremaining Chinese workers. With all these five factors combined, AISC dramatically recovered its facility, and restored its prewar level in a few years.
論説 (Article)