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Sogabe, Saki
Suzuki, Manami
Saiki, Akiko
Inoue, Rikako
Hayashi, Yasushi
L-ornithine has recently received considerable attention as an anxiolytic-like or antifatigue agent in both human and animal studies. However, most previous results were obtained from a single administration of L-ornithine. Accordingly, this study was designed to clarify the effects of long-term L-ornithine treatment on psychological stress and locomotor activity in mice using a variety of behavioral pharmacology methods. In a stress-induced hyperthermia test, 10 days of L-ornithine treatment induced hyperthermia elevation. Pentobarbital-induced sleep time was shortened by the treatment. However, no significant effects were detected in the elevated plus-maze, running wheel, or forced swim tests. These results suggest that long-term treatment with L-ornithine elevates stress sensitivity and arousal level in mice.
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