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Sato, Katsunori
Japanese quails are widely used for experiments are models of birds, such as chickens, and are becoming increasingly important in research fields today. Their experimental usefulness was initially reported in an international journal for academic research by Padgett et al. and Wilson et al. in 1959, and, since then, a large number of researchers in- and outside Japan have conducted surveys and studies to examine their characteristics. In Japan, the first study on Japanese quails with a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research was conducted in 1966, followed by a large number of studies examining them. This grant program aims to support original and pioneering research activities, and is also expected to promote studies on Japanese quails in a wide range of research fields, leading to the advancement of all areas. This paper reviews previous studies on Japanese quails, conducted within the 48-year period between 1966 and 2013. They were searched for using the Database of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research KAKEN, excluding some research subjects, and are listed chronologically by keyword. Those comparing Japanese quails with other animals or using them as part of the study are also included.