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岡山大学における動物実験に関わる機関管理体制の構築 ―非医療系キャンパスでの機関管理拠点として動物実験施設の整備コンセプトとその運用―

It has been important for academic research institutions to properly use the laboratory animals for research and education, pursuant to the provisions of the Law, Care and Management Standards, and the Fundamental Guidelines concerning animal experiments and related activities. However, in the several faculties, which do not have the centralized animal facilities, it appears that using the animals are inconsistent with these ordinances. To avoid that the inconsistency becomes any problems, Okayama University has been established new centralized animal facility to propel the institutional management. This content presents our concept of establishing the facility to properly conduct researchers and students in the above-mentioned faculties.
特別企画講演要旨(Summary of Lecture on Special Events)