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種子のロットおよび採種時期がブプレウルムの 生育,開花および切り花形質に及ぼす影響

Goto, Tanjuro Kaken ID researchmap
Ishii, Mayumi
Fujiwara, Kazuki
Effects of seed lots (No. 021793, 025090, 026247, 027668) and seed production time on growth, flowering and cut flower quality in Bupleurum rotundifolium L. were investigated. The rate of germination was different depending on the seed lots, 021793 was lowest, and 026247 was highest. Days to visible bud and flowering were the shortest at 025090, and longest at 026247. The rate of germination of seed harvested on home seed-raising was different for seed production time. Seed harvested during high temperature period from the middle of June to the beginning of July showed remarkably high rate of germination. While plants grown by seed harvested during high temperature period remarkably delayed flowering and had low cut flower quality, plants grown on seed harvested during low temperature period enhanced flowering and had high cut flower quality. There was a little difference in parental line. It was thought that seed production time was affected by the environmental conditions during seed production time than by the seed lot.
cut flower quality
environmental condition
home seed-raising
parental line
water absorption
seed production time