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Ikegami, Hironori
Mese, Morio
Recently,the multi faceted use of regional resources has a much-discussed important problem.On the other hand,positive studies on the assesment of public function of natural resources are very rare.In this paper,we take up the following valuation methods;Hednic method,Replacing method,Contingent valuation method and Travel cost method.We classify these methods as follows.We evalute natural resources such as paddy fields,fields and forests in city spheres by Hednic method.Hednic method is based on the idea that natural resources which have a public function influence building land rents.Through researching relations between environmental factors and building land rents by regression analysis, and based on these relations,we get the shadow price of environmental factor from Hedonic general equations.We evaluate natural resources such as paddy fields,fields, forests from the point of flood prevention function,by the Replacing method.In this method,we express per year estimated value for flood prevention as per year payment of the total construction coasts of a dam whoes function is similar to the resource.We evaluate natural resources such as paddy fields,fields and forests outside of city spheres, for example in mountainous regions by Contingent valuation method.Contingent valuation method is the method that surveys willingness to pay (WTP) or willingness to accept(WTA) for the change of public goods supply.We evaluate sight seeing resources such as rural resort facilities by the Travel coast method.Travel coast is as follows.Travelers are classified by journey start points and a hypothetical demand curve is made from the number of travelers from each area.Using the hypothetical demand curve,consumer surplus is measured and economic value of the resources are worked out.
Public function of natural resources
Hednic method
Replacing method
Contingent valuation method
Travel cost method