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Management of “Ba” through the Educational Activities for the Union Members in JA

Sasaki, Seigo
In JA, the education activities have already been obviously given an important position, and as its remarkable evidence, furthermore, here, is a well-known saying as follows; “The cooperative-society activities are, that is to say, educational activities themselves”. However, those edubational activities in many JA are not yet warking efficiently enough and are generally no better than superficial ones. This paper takes up the Hadanoshi Agricultural Cooperative association, in order to consider the task for developing educational activities which are especially designed for JA.
For promoting the autonomy of the union members, we pointed out as following. It is essential for the executives and the staff members to do effective educational activities, which can motivate the union members for learning and make them take the initiative. In order to do so, it is also necessary for the executives and staff members to positvepy create the basis and the opportunities of “the emergence of germination”. Moreover it is also important for them to promote the union members' informational interaction and,properly as a facilitator, to take over the helm of the Ba Which promotes the union member's autonomy so that they can develop not ordinary “cantrolling”but new “supportive”educational activities.
For the permanent development of JA, it is indispensable that the exccutives and staff members should place then educational activities into the first and most important position and furthermore to activate. In addition to that the executives and staff members need to renew their understanding of the fact the union members are groups of diversities, so it is necessary to spread educational activities for the union menbers which can rouse the union member's motivation for learning.
agricultural cooperatives
educatiional activities
autonomous members