Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University
Published by the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University
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Tang, Bomin
Mohri, Kentaro
Iwasaki, Masami
Qiu, Bai-jing
Liang, Jian
This paper deals with measurement and analysis of fog flow in a greenhouse.  In this study we applied a gas-liquid two phase flow spray and a pesticide spray using new technology such as a non-heating fog carrier, in order to prevent desease and insects in agricultural operations.  Spray particle density was analyzed by a new method using an air sampler, and the behavior of fog particles in the space was studied.  The following results were obtained, 1. The spray particles were within a size of 15 ~ 30μm and the behavior of these particles were clarified in this experiment. 2. The floating time after spray of particles, and the diffusing performance of spray particles in the greenhouse were clearly observed, tracked and recorded in this experiment. 3. Effective methods of pesticide application in greenhouse were discovered in this study.
food allergy
mast cells