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Enhancement of Growth and Yield of Barley by the Soil Conditioner FFC-ace

Fujita, Keiko
Suzuki, Tomoko
Hasegawa, Sachiko
Meguro, Akane
Sugiura, Hiroyuki
Shiraishi, Tomonori Kaken ID publons researchmap
Nishimura, Tomio
Kunoh, Hitoshi
The effects of a unique soil conditioner, FFC-ace, on photosynthesis, transpiration, growth and yield of barley were examined in a field experiment. FFC-ace well-mixed with sandy soil greatly enhanced root and shoot growth, tillering and the number of grains per stock. The total yield in the treated plot increased by about 172%. The plants grown in the FFC-ace plot were greener and contained a higher level of chlorophyll, compared with the control. Photosynthesis and transpiration, which are tightly linked to productivity were also significantly enhanced at the broad range of photon flux observed in our study. The quality of grain harvested from the FFC-ace plot was similar to the control plot in terms of nutritional and inorganic components. The increased photosynthesis in the FFC-ace treated barley reflects a higher absorption of CO(2) from the atmosphere. It was also noted that the efficiency of water utilization for photosynthesis was significantly greater under the high light intensity in the treated plot. The relationship between application of FFC-ace and absorption of atmospheric CO(2) is discussed. Our investigation provides data showing that application of FFC-ace to soil significantly reduces water requirements for plant growth and yield.
barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
enhanced growth and yield
FFC-ace (soil conditioner)
enhanced photosynthesis and transpiration
chemical analysis of grains