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Title Alternative Pelvimetry with smaller radiation field by CC・DR system- An examination on applying to lateral radiography of the pelvis (Guthmann) ―
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Author Nakai, Mutsuo| Akiyama, Tsuneo| Nakagiri, Yoshiyasu| Kobayashi, Yasuaki|
Abstract 100万画素CCDカメラを用いたI.I.-DR装置(CC・DRシステム)をX線骨盤計測に適用するため,被曝線量をはじめとするいくつかの点を検討した。照射野内の被曝線量は従来の高感度Screen-Film システムであるG12/HRSと同等以下に抑えることが可能であった。また,CC・DRシステムの9インチ円形照射野は一般的に用いられている大角フィルム面積の1/3であり,胎位の95%を占めるといわれている頭位の撮影においては胎児の生殖腺はもちろん, 赤色骨髄を多く含む脊椎への被曝を大幅に低減できた。また,新たに開発された距離計測ソフトウェアーの正確度は良好で,通常lmm以下の誤差で測定が可能であることを確認した。その他,装置に標準装備されている自動露出機構の特性についても報告し,最後に撮影時の留意点についても検討した。
Abstract Alternative To apply CC・DR system (image intensifier digital radiography system including one million pixel CCD camera)to X-ray pelvimetry, We examined exposure dose of X-ray, radiation field, and accuracy of X-ray pelvimetry by the system. The hazards of radiation by CC・DR system were less than those of radiation by G12/HRS which is high sensitive screen-film system. 9 inch round radiation field by CC・DR system was one third of the area of 14×14 inch film. In cephalic presentation which occurs in about 95% of pregnancies, the damages of radiation by CC・DR system to fetal gonads and spinal bones including bone marrow much were less than those by usual X-ray examination. The accuracy of a distance measuring software devised newly for pelvimetry was reliable, and we could measure diameters with less than 1 mm deviations. Also we report the characteristics of automatic exposure controller annexed to this TV system and enumerate points to which we pay attention on taking a radiograph. Furthermore, It is expected that CC・DR system was useful to apply to superio-interior pelviography (Martius).
Keywords 骨盤計測 (Pelvimetry) グースマン法 (Guthmann Position) デジタルラジオグラフィー (digital radiography) 被曝線量 (exposure dose)
Publication Title 岡大三朝分院研究報告
Published Date 1995-09
Volume volume66
Start Page 62
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ISSN 0918-7839
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Title Alternative HRCT上の肺のLow Attenuation Areaおよび肺機能により評価された高齢者善喘息の特徴
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Author Mitsunobu, Fumihiro| Hosaki, Yasuhiro| Ashida, Kozo| Tsugeno, Hirofumi| Okamoto, Makoto| Nishida, Norikazu| Takata, Shingo| Yokoi, Tadashi| Nakai, Mutsuo| Tanizaki, Yoshiro|
Abstract The clinical significance of low attenuation area <-950 HU of the lungs on high - resolution computed tomography (HRCT) was evaluated in 80 patients with asthma in relation to patient age, CT number, pulmonary function including % residusal volume (% RV) and % DLco, and generation of leukotrienes B4 and C4 by leucocytes. 1. The % LAA (<- 950 HU) of the lungs showed a tendency to increase significantly with aging; the % LAA was significantly larger in elderly patients over the age of 60 years than in those under the age of 49 years. The CT number was also significantlyincreased with aging. 2. The values of % FVC, % FEV1.0, and FEV1.0% were significantly decreased in elderly patients over age 70 compared with the values in those under age 49. 3. The value of % residual volume (% RV) tended to increase significantly with aging; the value in patients over the age of 70 years was significantly larger in those between the ages of 50 and 59 (p<O.OOl). and under the age of 49 years (p<O.OOl). 4. The % DLco value significantly decreased with aging; the value in patients over age 70 was significantly lower than the value in those between the ages of 50 and 59 (p<O.Ol) and under age 49 (p<O.OOl). 5. A significant correlation was observed between % LAA of the lungs and % RV (r=O. 67, p<0.001), however. any significant correlations were not observed between % LAA and the values of % FVC, % FEV1.0, and FEV1.0% . 6. The generation of LTB4 and LTC4 by leucocytes was not significantly related with patient age. The results suggested that % LAA of the lungs on HRCT tended to increse with aging, accompanied with a significant increase in % RV.
Abstract Alternative 気管支喘息80例(全例非喫煙者)を対象に,high resolution computedt omography (HRCT)上の肺の-950HU以下のLow attenuation area (LAA)の臨床的意義について, 患者年齢, CT number,残気率(% RV),拡散能(% DLco)を含む肺機能検査,白血球のコイコトリエンB4,C4の産生能などとの関連のもとに検討を加えた。 1.% LAAは,年齢が高くなるにつれて増加する傾向を示し,60才以上の症例の% LAAは,49歳以下の症例に比べ有意に高い値を示した。また,CT numberも,年齢が高くなるにつれて有意の増加を示した。 2.% FVC,% FEV1.0およびFEV1.0%値は,いずれも70才以上の症例で49歳以下の症例に比べ有意に低い値を示した。 3.残気率(% RV)は,年齢が高くなるにつれて増加する傾向を示し,70才以上の症例の% RVは,50-59才および49才以下の症例の% RVに比べ有意に高い値を示した。 4.一方,拡散能(% DLco)は,年齢が高くなるにつれて有意に低下する傾向を示し,70才以上の症例の% DLcoは,50-59才および49才以下の症例のDLcoに比べ有意に低い値を示した。 5.% LAAと% RVとの間には有意の相関が見られたが,% LAAと% DLco,および% LAAと換気機能(% FVC,% FEV1.0,FEV1.0%)との間には関連は見られなかった。 6.白血球のLTB4およびLTC4の産生能においては年齢による差は見られなかった。これらの結果は,% LAAが年齢とともに増加すること,そして% LAAは% RVと密接な関連を有していることを示している。
Keywords low attenuation area of the lung CT number residual volume DLco aging
Publication Title 岡大三朝分院研究報告
Published Date 2002-02-01
Volume volume72
Start Page 9
End Page 15
ISSN 0918-7839
language 英語
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