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Title Alternative Research for carbon dioxide bathing IV, Thermal effect of artificial CO(2)-bathing
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Author Yorozu, Hidenori| Kubo, Yuichiro| Eguchi, Yasuteru| Sunakawa, Mitsuru| Kohmoto, Tomoji| Komoto, Yoshiaki| Komoto, ]unko|
Abstract 1) 炭酸塩と,コ-ク酸からなる錠剤型の「炭酸ガス浴剤」の保温作用を健康な男子8名について,サ-モグラフィーを用いて測定した. 入浴10分後の比較で明らかに,炭酸ガス浴はよく温まった結果,表面温度が高くなっている. 2) 腰痛,四肢冷感,その他の患者24名での臨床評価の結果,患者の90%以上が手足が温まり,湯ざめしにくいことを認めた.また,患者の85%は痛みがやわらぐことを認めた. 3) 主婦664名を対象とした使用評価の結果,常時手足の冷感を訴える者の63.6%,身体の疲労感・だるさ56.5%に効果を認めていることがわかった. 4) 副作用は全く認められなかった.
Abstract Alternative The artificial CO(2)-bath was prepared with a tablet (50g), made from sodium bicarbonate and succinic acid, putting simply in plain water bathtub of 150-200 litre at 40℃. Thermal effect was evaluated by means of thermography in healthy 8 men; temperature areas of 34.5℃ or greater were recorded in average compared to a plain bathing and to an artificial Na(2)SO(4)-NaHCO(3) one 10 minutes later. Clinical evaluation by questionnairings of 24 patients suffering mainly from lumbago and 4-extremity coldness revealed a long lasting peripheral warmth in 90% and the ease from pain in 85%. The artificial CO(2)-bathing was effective for women whose health were adversely affected by the cold in 63.6% and for general fatigue or dullness in 56.5% of 664 female volunteers whom the questionnairings were conducted to. No side effect was encountered in the survey.
Publication Title 岡山大学温泉研究所報告
Published Date 1984-03-25
Volume volume54
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End Page 12
ISSN 0369-7142
language 日本語
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