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Title Alternative Giant rectal gastrointestinal stromal tumor successfully resected by abdominoperineal resection combined with posterior vaginal wall resection
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Author Iwakawa, Kazuhide| Nishie, Manabu| Tokunaga, Naoyuki| Miyaso, Hideaki| Iwagaki, Hiromi|
Abstract We report a case of giant rectal gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) successfully resected by abdominoperineal resection combined with posterior vaginal wall resection. Our patient was a 79-year-old woman had been diagnosed as having von Recklinghausen disease at the age of 30 years. In 2006, a computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a tumor originating from the posterior wall of the rectum. In June 2010, she was admitted to our hospital with the chief complaint of bloody stool. A CT scan revealed a giant tumor that had increased to 9cm in size. Colonoscopy demonstrated a submucosal tumor, which was subsequently diagnosed by biopsy as a GIST. Due to the patient's continuous bleeding and abdominal pain, an emergent abdominoperineal resection was performed at that time. The tumor, which measured 8×9cm, was immunohistochemically positive for c-kit and CD34. Concomitant resection of the posterior wall of the vagina via the perineal approach provided a wide area to expose the tumor for a safe operation. The patient has been well with no sign of recurrence since the operation. This procedure is recommended as a useful approach for giant rectal GISTs or rectal cancer with invasion of the posterior pelvic wall.
Keywords 巨大直腸GIST(giant rectal GIST) 腹会陰式直腸切断術(abdominoperineal resection)
Note 症例報告 (Case Reports)
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Published Date 2014-12-01
Volume volume126
Issue issue3
Publisher 岡山医学会
Publisher Alternative Okayama Medical Association
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ISSN 0030-1558
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language 日本語
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DOI 10.4044/joma.126.217
NAID 130004903245
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Author Miyaso, Hideaki| Nishie, Manabu| Iwagaki, Hiromi| Ishii, Hiroo| Fujita, Isao| Tomoda, Jun|
Published Date 2010-08-02
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Volume volume122
Issue issue2
Content Type Journal Article