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Title Alternative Absolute ethanol injection for non-parasitic hepatic cyst.
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Author Morisue, Shinhachi| Suzuka, Ichio| Hirai, Shunichi| Soda, Mitshiro| Tokuno, Teruo| Komoto, Yoshiaki| Sunakawa, Mitsuru| Yorozu, Hidenori| Komatsubara, Shokichi| Teramoto, Shigeru|
Abstract 非寄生虫性肝嚢胞の3例に,超音波ガイド下にドレナージ及び純エタノール注入を行い,全例に嚢胞の著明な縮小効果を認めた。本法は手技も容易で,副作用も軽微であり,エタノール注入と嚢胞縮小効果の間には1カ月以上の時間的な経過を要するが,肝嚢胞に対して,外科的療法に代わる有用な治療法であると思われる。
Abstract Alternative Three patients suffering from nonparasitic hepatic cysts were successfully treated with absolute ethanol injection under ultrasonic guided puncture. As the procedure was simple and less invasive, it was considered that this treatment for hepatic cysts was an alternative to surgery. However, more than one month was needed, untill remqrkable shrinkage of cysts was expected in all three patients.
Keywords 肝嚢胞 (Liver cyst) 超音波ガイド下穿刺術 (Ethanol injection) エタノール注入療法 (Transcutaneous hepatic puncture)
Publication Title 環境病態研報告
Published Date 1989-07
Volume volume60
Start Page 67
End Page 71
ISSN 09133771
language 日本語
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NAID 120002309013
Author Mitani, Masahiko| Togami, Izumi| Kitagawa, Takahiro| Katoh, Katsuya| Kanazawa, Susumu| Joja, Ikuo| Hiraki, Yoshio| Ando, Akio| Shimizu, Nobuyoshi| Teramoto, Shigeru|
Published Date 1992-06-20
Publication Title 肺癌
Volume volume32
Issue issue3
Content Type Journal Article
Author Haraoka, Shoichi| Ueda, Minoru| Yamada, Nobuyuki| Nagahana, Haruki| Ihoriya, Kazuo| Mashima, Kozo| Fujii, Akinobu| Saito, Daiji| Teramoto, Shigeru| Nawa, Kiyoto|
Published Date 1980-10-30
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Volume volume92
Issue issue9-10
Content Type Journal Article
Author Teramoto, Shigeru|
Published Date 1959-03-15
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Volume volume71
Issue issue3-2
Content Type Journal Article
Author Kaji, Mitumasa| Joja, Ikuo| Shimizu, Mituharu| Nakamura, Tetsuya| Ueda, Hiroyuki| Yamamoto, Yoshio| Shirakami, Toshiaki| Komoto, Shin| Hashimoto, Keiji| Morimoto, Setsuo| Sugita, Katsuhiko| Hiraki, Yoshio| Aono, Kaname| Utida, Hatsuzou| Teramoto, Shigeru|
Published Date 1986-02-28
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Volume volume98
Issue issue1-2
Content Type Journal Article
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Title Alternative Continuous in-vIvo measurement of the brain tissue and the ischemic muscle gas tension using MEDSPECT, MS-8
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Author Kawakami, Shunji| Yamane, Yoshihisa| Noishiki, Yasuharu| Komoto, Yoshiaki| Teramoto, Shigeru| Senoh, Yoshimasa| Kaneko, Katsuya| Sugimoto, Seiki| Takahashi, Shunjiro|
Abstract I MEDSPECT is a medical mass spectrometer for continuous in-vivo measurement of tissue, blood and respiratory gases. Interfacing catheter for tissue in measurement has Teflon membrane. The permeability and perfusion rate for various gases through its membrane varied with temperature. The temperature coefficient of Teflon catheter in the range of 15℃-40℃ is approximately constant with -2% of correction per degree for oxygen and carbon dioxide. Linear correlation was confirmed experimentally. II The brain tissue gas tensions were measured in ten dogs with intra-venous anesthesia at normothermia and deep hypothermia using perfusion cooling, including circulatory arrest for 30 minutes at 20°C of cerebral temperature. On average, the brain tissue P(O2) was 15mmHg in normothermia when the arterial P(O2) showed 95mmHg and the brain tissue P(CO2) was 49mmHg when the arterial PC02 showed 30mmHg. The brain tissue carbon dioxide tension gradually decreased by cooling and increased during circulatory arrest for 30 minutes; from 45mmHg to 72mmHg. The brain tissue oxygen tension increased during cooling from 15mmHg to 41mmHg and decreased in the circulatory arrest; from 41mmHg to 36mmHg. III The ischemic muscle gas tension was measured in a 22-year-old man, who was suffered from thromboangiitis obliterans bilaterally, and had the popliteal autovein bypass surgery 3 months ago. Control oxygen tensions in the both anterior tibial muscles showed about the same; 35mmHg and 36mmHg respectivelly, and the P(O2) of the non-operated side showed remarkable low level of 18mmHg as compared with the side of arterial reconstruction surgery after 5-minutes ankle exercise.
Publication Title 岡山大学温泉研究所報告
Published Date 1974-03-25
Volume volume43
Start Page 29
End Page 36
ISSN 0369-7142
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language 日本語
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Title Alternative Antithrombogenic therapy after heart valve replacement - Effect of anti-platelet drug on aggregation-
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Author Soda, Mitsuhiro| Yorozu, Hidenori| Suzuka, Ichio| Morisue, Shinhachi| Hirai, Shunnichi| Komoto, Yoshiaki| Kajitani, Nobuaki| Yoshizane, Ken| Naniwa, Hiroyuki| Kojo, Masayoshi| Teramoto, Shigeru|
Abstract 人工弁置換患者の血栓塞栓症(TE)は,長期予後の成績を左右する。 TEを減少させるために凝固因子を抑制するwarfarinと抗血小板剤による抗血栓療法が行われている。人工弁置換患者103例を対象に,抗血小板剤であるtrapidil(TP)とdipyridamole(DP)の血小板凝集能に与える効果を検討した。36ヵ月間検討したが,warfarin単独群は血小板凝集能に変化がなく,TP,DP共にADP凝集能を抑制した。しかし有意差の見られたのは全経過ではなく,凝集能抑制は強力かつ持続的ではなかった。またコラーゲン誘導凝集能は変化を認めなかった。TPとDPの抗血小板効果は同等と思われる。期間中の血栓塞栓発生は,warfarin単独群9.5%,TP群4.3%,DP群7.7%であった。臨床的に抗血小板剤の併用は有効と思われるが,血小板凝集抑制には投与量の増量,あるいは他の薬剤の検討が必要であろう。
Abstract Alternative To evaluate the effect of anti-thrombotic thrapy after valve replacement, serial platelet aggregation measurememnts were carried out in 103 patients. Patients were divided into three groups. e. i. warfarin alone (control), warfarin with trapidil (TP) of 300mg/day and dipyridamole (DP) of 300mg/day. The aggregation of platelet of the control group did not change through 36 months. TP group showed a decrease in platelet aggregation at 24 and 30 months from the pretreatment value. The aggregation of 24 month in TP was significantly lower than that of control. There was no difference of platelet aggregation between TP and DP group. The incidence of thromboembolism of control, TP and DP group were 9.5%, 4.3% and 7.7%, respectively. These data suggest that the supression of platelet aggregation .by TP and DP is not adequate to continue for long time and TP has similar anti-thrombotic effect to DP.
Keywords 人工弁置換術 (Heart valve replacement) 血栓塞栓症 (Thromboembolism) 血小板凝集 (Platelet aggregation) 抗血小板剤 (Anti-thrombotic drug)
Publication Title 環境病態研報告
Published Date 1990-09
Volume volume61
Start Page 55
End Page 60
ISSN 0913-3771
language 日本語
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JaLCDOI 10.18926/11679
Title Alternative Clinical evaluation of new formula included oligopetide as a nitrogen source in surgical patients
Author Soda, Mitsuhiro| Yorozu, Hidenori| Morisue, Sinhachi| Hirai, Shunichi| Suzuka, lchio| Komoto, Yoshiaki| Kajitani, Nobuaki| Yoshizane, Ken| Naniwa, Hiroyuki| Teramoto, Shigeru|
Abstract 窒素源としてdi-,tri-peptideを含有した経腸栄養剤を外科患者に使用した。.この新しい経腸栄養剤は卵白を加水分解したもので,70%がoligopeptideであり,アミノ酸も10%含まれる。糖質はデキストリンで,脂肪の含有量は少なく浸透圧はエレメンタルダイエット(ED)より低い。この製剤を安定期および術後に使用した。アルブミン,rapid turnover proteinの回復がみられ,臓器蛋白の合成が得られた。術後例では3メチルヒスチジンの排泄量は減少せず,異化反応は抑制されなかった。投与量の不足が一つの原因と思われる。副作用の下痢はほとんどみられず,栄養改善効果もあり,有用性が認められた。
Abstract Alternative The clinical usefulness of new enteral formula which is contained di-and tri-peptides as a nitrogen source was evaluated in surgical patients. The enteral nutrition was introduced to stable patients who could not take food orally and postoperative ones who were undertaken upper GI surgery. Adverse effects such as diarrhea or abdomonal distension were not observed. V isceral proteins were improved after administration of this regimen and nutritional status was maintained in all patients. However, high urinary excretion of 3methylhistidine continued in great extent during postopertive period and breakdown of skeletal muscle was not prevented by this nutritional therapy. This might be due to insufficient intake of energy and nitrogen. This new product for enteral nutrition would be safe and useful as enteral nutrition.
Keywords 経腸栄養 (Enteral nutrition) エレメンタルダイエット (Elemental diet) オリゴペプチド (Oligopeptide) 外科栄養 (Surgical nutrition)
Publication Title 環境病態研報告
Published Date 1990-09
Volume volume61
Start Page 61
End Page 67
ISSN 0913-3771
language 日本語
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