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Title Alternative Improving Moral Courses in the Use of Care-Thinking Aiming for Children to Explore Together
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Author Ozaki, Masami|
Abstract 「特別の教科 道徳」となり,「考え,議論する道徳」への授業の質的転換が求められている。学習指導要領には,道徳科として目指す学びが具体的に示されており,現場の教員にも授業の質を改善するという意識が高まってきた。そこで,子供が共同的に自己のよりよい生き方を探求していくことができる授業となるよう,マシュー・リップマンの提唱する多元的思考アプローチの一つであるケア的思考を重視して道徳科の授業に応用し,授業改善に取り組んだ。筆者が創造的思考,批判的思考を段階的に取り入れてきたこれまでの実践と比較しながら実践を進め,道徳科の授業に,ケア的思考を意識的に取り入れることにより,創造的思考や批判的思考が活性化され,さらには三つの思考が作用し合うことが明らかになった。
Abstract Alternative Moral Courses in elementary and junior high school have been changed and requires a qualitative shift in teaching with thinking and discussing. The curriculum guidelines specifically show what moral lessons are aiming for, and the on-site teachers' awareness of improving the quality of classes has increased. Therefore, in order to provide a class in which children can explore their own way of life better, the emphasis on care thinking, which is one of the pluralistic thinking approaches advocated by Matthew Lipman, has been emphasized. We applied to class and worked on class improvement. I want to explore the effects of incorporating care thinking into moral education lessons in comparison with the past practice in which the author has gradually adopted creative thinking and critical thinking.
Keywords ケア的思考 (Care-Thinking) 探求の共同体 (Community of Inquiry) 道徳科授業 (Moral Courses) 多元的思考アプローチ (Plural Thinking approach)
Publication Title Bulletin of Center for Teacher Education and Development, Okayama University
Published Date 2020-03-20
Volume volume10
Start Page 215
End Page 229
ISSN 2186-1323
language 日本語
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