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Title Alternative The results of liver function test on workers handling ethanol and isopropanol solvents
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Author Ohta, Takeo| Endo, Hiroshi| Mori, Shuji| Koda, Shigeki| Oze, Yutaka|
Abstract Liver function tests such as GOT, GPT, γ-GTP and ornithine carbamyl transferase (OCT) were done on workers handling alcoholic solvents. One was a group of molders working in a foundry where they sprayed ethanol solvent on the surface of a sandbox and burnt it. Another was a group of painters at an iron and steel works and they sprayed paint with isopropanol solvent on iron and steel plates. No statistical differences in the results of tests between the solvent workers and control groups were seen. High correlations were found between GOT/γ-GTP and OCT/γ-GTP. OCT of 4 workers who had drunk alcohol on the day before test showed a statisically high value compared to workers who had not drunk alcohol.
Keywords Ethanol Isopropanol Liver Function Test アルコール系溶剤 肝機能
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1993-01-31
Volume volume3
Start Page 93
End Page 97
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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