Title Alternative Effect of boron deficiency on tip burn and malformed fruit incidence in strawberries
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Author Sesumi, Miho| Yoshida, Yuichi| Kinjo, Akari| Hidaka, Kei| Goto, Tanjuro| Yasuba, Ken-ichiro| Tanaka, Yoshiyuki|
Abstract Boron (B) is an essential micro element for plants and plays important roles in the synthesis and functions of cell wall. B deficiency has been reported as one of the causes of fruit malformation in strawberries. We investigated the effect of B deficiency on flower and fruit development of forced strawberries for two cropping seasons (2015-2017). In the second season, B was resupplied for B-deficient plants and we investigated changes in fruit development. When B-free nutrient solutions were supplied, tip burn began to occur in newly emerging leaves and calyx 2 to 3 months later, and fruit malformation including seedy or only partly developed fruits with undeveloped achenes occurred frequently. However, these deficient symptoms were quickly disappeared by supplying B containing nutrient solutions. In conclusion, B nutrition is closely related to the occurrence of fruit malformation through fertility of pollen and pistils, and also development of receptacle tissue in strawberries. It should be possible to reduce fruit malformation in strawberries by proper control of B nutrition.
Abstract Alternative  B(ホウ素)は植物にとって必須な微量要素であり,イチゴの受精不良果発生要因の1 つである.そこで2015年度と2016年度の2 回にわたりB 欠乏がイチゴの受精不良果発生に及ぼす影響について調査した.また,2016年度はB 欠乏処理後にB 回復処理を行い,その後のイチゴの果実形態の変化についても調査した.その結果,B欠乏処理を行うと蒸散機能の低い新葉や花芽においてチップバーンが発生し,種浮き果や部分不受精を主とした受精不良果が多発した.しかし,B 回復処理を行うことでこれらの症状が改善することが明らかになった.B は受精不良果発生に関係しており,欠乏条件下で根から吸収させると急速に若い成長中の組織に転流することが示されたことから,B 栄養をコントロールすることでB 不足によるイチゴの受精不良果発生を軽減できる可能性があると考えられる.
Keywords floral organs Fragaria × ananassa Duch. pistil fertility receptacle growth seedy fruit
Publication Title Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University
Published Date 2019-02-01
Volume volume108
Start Page 5
End Page 13
ISSN 2186-7755
language 日本語
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