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Title Alternative The role of forensic psychiatric nursing in foreign nations
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Author Hidaka, Kyoko| Miki, Akiko| Kanasaki, Haruka|
Abstract 本論文は,諸外国における司法精神看護(forensic psychiatric nursing)について文献学的に概観し,司法精神看護の役割について明らかにすることを目的とした。司法精神看護師の役割としては,法的知識と看護の知識を持った上で,犯罪者が法廷に出る前の精神症状のアセスメントをし,適切な治療やケアを受けることができるように調整していくこと、また性的暴力を受けた被害者を検査し、フォローアップケアを行うこと等があった。司法精神看護の対象は,重大な罪を犯した精神障害者(触法精神障害者)だけでなく,触法精神障害者の家族,被害者が含まれていた。触法精神障害者に対しては,投薬,薬の効果・副作用の教育,社会的能力のトレーニングを行い,触法精神障害者の家族や犯罪被害者に対しては,感情のアセスメント,心理的危機介入,行動面等の評価を行う役割を担っていた。
Abstract Alternative This paper overviews the role of forensic psychiatric nursing, focusing on the situation overseas. Forensic nursing is primarily involved with the investigation and evaluation of an individual's mental state to determine whether the criminal justice system or the health care system most equitably meets their needs. From an American perspective, Lynch describes different areas of forensic nursing. 'Clinical forensic nursing' involves the application of clinical and scientific knowledge to questions of law and the criminal and civil investigation of survivors of traumatic injury and also includes court-related issues associated with patient treatment. The American system also utilizes a 'sexual assault nurse examiner,' this role is concerned with the clinical examination of sexually assaulted victims and the employment of therapeutic interventions to enable the process of healing. In the UK, this area of work has primarily emerged within the criminal justice system with specially trained police officers engaging with adult individuals who have been the victims of sexual assault, and working in partnership with medical interventions and investigation. Another specialty in the UK is 'forensic psychiatric nursing', concerning the assessment of criminal defendants before their court hearing. In the area of forensic nursing, the subjects are offenders with mental disorders, their families, and victims. The important roles in forensic psychiatric nursing are summarized as follows: assessment of mood and psychiatric symptoms, medication management, risk management, training in social skills, crisis intervention, and evaluation of behavioral or mental disorder.
Keywords 司法精神看護 (forensic psychiatric nursing) 役割 (role) 触法精神障害者 (mentally disorder offenders) 被害者 (victim)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2003-12-25
Volume volume14
Issue issue1
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End Page 111
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