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Title Alternative An Analysis of Gross Farm Household Income-1918-Shimane
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Author Kimura, Sumako|
Abstract This paper aims to clarify the feature of the income of farms of Sanin district in 1910s. This is the premise work to clarify the whole structure of the farm household in those days. The crux of a matter exists in the difference of farmers' strata. The subject place of investigation is called kuroda-une, Ohba-son, Yatsuka-gun, Shimane-prefecture. The used materials is so-called Son-ze consisted of 25 farm households researched in 1918. The most income of the 25 farm households justly consists of self net agricultural income. That is gained by deducting the production cost and payable farm rents from gross agricultural income. Turning our attention to outer self agricultural income, this consists of mainly receivable farm rents and wages. Finally we get the disposable income by deducting the tax and repayable debt interest. We can conclude that there is a tremendous difference in disposable incomes among all farmers' strata.
Publication Title 岡山大学経済学会雑誌
Published Date 2000-03-10
Volume volume31
Issue issue4
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End Page 83
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language 日本語
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