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Author Yamaguchi, Tatsuo| Sugiyama, Kiyoshi|
Abstract 本研究はスノーボード集中授業により初心者の滑走スキルがどの程度向上したかを検討したものである。実技試験を実施した結果、以下の如くの結果が得られた。即ち、転倒者の割合は女子班では55.6%、男子班では50.0%と約半数が転倒する状態であった。男子班は全員、連続ターンが出来ていたが女子班 では出来ないかほとんど出来ない者が約4割であった。平均ターン回数は男子班が9.8回,女子班が2.9回で女子班の値が小さかった(P<0.1)。その理由については、男女の体力差や指導方法の違いなどが考えられる。試技の平均所要時間は男子班が33.0秒で女子班が41.0秒であった。経験者班を基準にする と男子班は12.6%,女子班は40.0%余分に時間を要している状態であった。事前のスケートボード練習の有効性は確認できなかった。理由としては、練習の回数と時間が少な過ぎたことと参加者数が少なかったことによると推察される。
Abstract Alternative This study is a report on the run skill of beginners of snowboarding intensive class. The skill test brought the following results.A ratio of the students who fell down at this test was 55.6% in the female group, and was 50.0% in the male group. All of the male group could do turns of the right and left alternation. However, about 40% of the female group could not do such turn at all or could not do without great difficulty. The average of the turn of the group of male was 9.8 times, and it of the group of female was 2.9 times. The numerical value of the female group was small (p<0.1). As a reason, it seems that the difference of physical resources between male and female. And next, it seems that the reason is in a variety of teaching methods of each coach. The group of the male needed time of 33.0 seconds on average for run and it of the group of female was 41.0 seconds. In comparison with the group of the experienced students, the male group spent time more 12.6%, and the surplus time of female group is 40.0%. The effectiveness of the skateboarding exercise before the class was not confirmed. As reasons it seemed that too few times of practice and too few students who belong to group of training were guessed.
Keywords スノーボード (Snowboarding) 大学一般教育体育実技 (university general education athletics) 集中授業 (an intensive class) 実技試験 (a skill test) スキルの向上 (the improvement of the skill)
Publication Title 岡山大学教育実践総合センター紀要
Published Date 2009-03-10
Volume volume9
Issue issue1
Start Page 57
End Page 62
ISSN 1346-3705
language 日本語
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