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Title Alternative Synoptic climatological analyses on the rainfall features in southern Kyushu and the atmospheric fields around April
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Author Kato, Kuranoshin| Morizuka, Nozomi| Matsumoto, (Kengo| Otani, Kazuo|
Abstract Around April, total precipitation in southern Kyushu already attains rather large value due to the increase in contribution of the “heavy rainfall days” (with daily precipitation more the 50 mm/day, referred to as HRD). The present study examined the rainfall features and atmospheric conditions on the HRDs at Kagoshima in southern Kyushu, based on the operational observation data from 1990 to 2009. The HRDs there in April appeared mainly associated with the extratropical cyclone passage, together with tentative appearance of the stationary front. The mean daily precipitation on the HRDs was 82 mm and contribution of the intense rainfall more than 10 mm/h attained up to 38 mm, which accounted for 46 % of the daily total precipitation. In April, the high specific humidity area in the time mean field was still located far to the south of the Japan Islands and the stratification around the Japan Islands was very stable for deep moist convection. However, the zone with rather strong seasonal mean baroclinicity extended to rather southern area near 20°N. This would provide a favorable condition for the long-distance moistur
Keywords heavy rainfall around April in southern Kyushu rainfall associated with extratropical cyclones around the Japan Islands seasonal cycle around Japan
Publication Title Okayama University Earth Science Report
Published Date 2016-12-27
Volume volume23
Issue issue1
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