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Title Alternative Achievement levels of students on clinical nursing practice for chronic illness
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Author Hayashi, Yuko| Kageyama, Jingo| Nakanishi, Yoshiko| Ishizaki, Hiroyuki| Morimoto, Michiko| Mori, Keiko| Tsuboi, Keiko|
Abstract 実習目標の到達度及び実習目標間の関係を明らかにするために,74名の学生による実習目標の自己評価を分析した。その結果,実習目標の到達度は,「自己の看護観や自己成長を培う」が最も高かった。そして「疾患の病態生理や検査・治療についての理解と看護援助」「セルフケアに向けた看護援助」「危機に直面している患者の看護援助」などの看護実践面に関する目標が高値を示していた。学生は目標に沿った看護を実践する中で,経験したひとつひとつのケアを意味づけたり,看護とは何かを探求していったと思われ,それが看護観の形成や自己成長につながっていったものと考えられた。実習目標間の関係では,各実習目標との間に相関が見られ,それらは信頼性のある妥当な慢性期看護実習の目標であることが確認された。
Abstract Alternative This paper is designed to demonstrate the relationships between each objective and the students' achievement levels for the objectives of clinical nursing practice. Seventy four students evaluated their own achievement levels related to their clinical nursing practice. Evaluation scores for each objective were analyzed. The following results were obtained: The objective of cultivating the view of nursing and developing themselves had the highest score. Understanding the mechanism of disease, physical examination and treatment, and patient care, understanding nursing care toward patient's self care, and understanding nursing care for patient in crisis had high scores. The students, through their own nursing care, explored the meaning of each care (or each experience) and inquired about the nature of nursing. Their view of nursing and self development was formed from their own various experiences. Correlation among each objective was found. Each for clinical nursing practice has reliability and validity.
Keywords 慢性期看護実習 (Clinical nursing practice) 実習目標の到達度 (Achievement levels) 自己評価 (Self-assessment) 実習目標間の関係 (Relationships between each objective)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2003-03-20
Volume volume13
Issue issue2
Start Page 83
End Page 90
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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Title Alternative Investigation about the use of mental illness patients at visiting nursing stations in O prefecture
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Author Watanabe, Kumi| Sumiyoshi, Kazuko| Morimoto, Michiko| Okano, Hatsue|
Abstract 精神疾患患者への訪問看護における問題を検討する基礎資料とするため,O県の訪問看護ステーションにおける精神疾患患者の利用状況と訪問看護師の利用者への社会資源導入経験の有無を明らかにすることを目的として調査を実施した。調査は2003年9月に質問紙郵送法により実施した。対象とした126施設のうち,回答の得られた64施設(回収率50.8%)の1か月間の利用者総数は2,471人であり,そのうち精神疾患患者は743人(30.1%)で,精神疾患のうち痴呆の占める割合は488人(65.7%)であった。施設単位では精神疾患患者の利用は60施設(93.8%)にあり,疾患の内訳は痴呆が57施設,うつ病が28施設,統合失調症が17施設等であった。また,訪問看護ステーション開設時からの精神疾患患者への社会資源の導入経験は約半数の34施設(53.1%)にあった。少数の訪問看護師からは,精神疾患患者への対応の困難さを感じていること,精神科看護に関する情報を求めていることなどの意見があった。訪問看護における精神科看護のニーズは今後も高まることが予測され,専門的技術の向上や地域における専門施設との連携が求められる。
Abstract Alternative The family which has a mental illness member is apt to worry about social appearance because of the stigma of the illness. Therefore. it is often difficult to introduce a. social resource to such families. The purpose of this study is to clarify the status of usage of illness patients at visiting nursing stations. and find the problems of family care with such patients. The visiting nurses were surveyed about their experience that introducing social resources to families. Questionnaire survey were administered on the 126 visiting nursing stations of O prefecture, that had an experience to introduce social resources to such families. The valid answers from 64 visiting nursing stations (50.8% of surveyed) were obtained. As a result, 93.8% of visiting nursing stations were utilized by mental illness. The illnesses of patients were dementia, depression and schizophrenia, and had been accepted at 57, 28, and 17 facilities respectively. More than half of facilities had introduced social resources to mental illness patients at first of the service beginning. But some of them feel troublesome to care mental illness patient, and seek for information about psychiatric nursing.
Keywords 社会資源 (Social resource) 訪問看護 (Visiting nursing station) 精神疾患 (Mental illness) 実態調査 (Survey)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2005-03-31
Volume volume15
Issue issue2
Start Page 71
End Page 76
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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