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Title Alternative Storm surge in the Seto Inland Sea accompanied by Typhoons in 2004
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Author Asanuma, Tomomitsu| Tsukamoto, Osamu| Ogawa, Kouji|
Abstract In 2004, Seto Inland Sea coast suffered severe damages of storm surge. This area never experienced storm surge damage in recent half century and people were not ready for the storm surge. In two typhoons of T0416 and T0418, surge anomaly were more than 150cm in Bisan-Seto area. Storm surges appeared after the maximum approach of typhoon not only due to surface low pressure but also due to wind stress as westerly. Because of geographical complexity of Seto Inland Sea, the surge process have not been well understood. Therefore, it is necessary to study the effects of the wind and the surface pressure using a numerical model. Atmospheric model MM5 and ocean model POM were used as a numerical experiment, including the astronomical tide model NAO. As the results of numerical simulation of the storm surge, atmospheric conditions were well simulated but ocean model was rather complex. There are a lot of island in Seto Inland Sea and sea water movement in the model was very much influenced by the topography and wind stress effect appeared much smaller. In the no-island model, storm surge height was a little improved. However the simulated surge height was still less than the observed height. Further improvement of the ocean model application should be considered in future studies.
Keywords Typhoon Storm Surge Seto Inland Sea surface pressure wind stress
Publication Title Okayama University Earth Science Report
Published Date 2008-03-31
Volume volume14
Issue issue1
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