Title Alternative Effects of Olibanum and Tea-tree, used in Aromatherapy today, on the Body and Mind
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Author Asadaa, Masako| Sakai, Takashi| Kiyota, Hiromasa|
Abstract Olibanum (frankincense), used as a religious offering, has been one of the most valuable and respected substances since ancient times. Tea-tree, with a long history as a folk medicine for Australian aborigines, has been used in modern aromatherapy since the late 1970’s. In this paper, comparisons of olibanum and tea-tree in aromatherapy and their effects on the body and mind are discussed.
Keywords flavor and fragrance frankincense aromatherapy monoterpenoids
Publication Title Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University
Published Date 2018-02-01
Volume volume107
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ISSN 2186-7755
language 日本語
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