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Title Alternative Some Clinical Observations on the Menopausal Syndrome and its Therapeutic Approach
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Author Kumamoto, Hirotada|
Abstract In order to observe the effectiveness of the androgen+estrogen therapy used singly or in combination with the meprobamate therapy, the author has determined the menopausal index, the total serum cholesterol and the systolic blood pressure before and after the administration of these treatments. The following results have been obtained. 1) The menopausal index (Kupperman, 1953) declines more markedly fol1owing the application of the combined therapies than after the use of either, administered singly. 2) Total serum cholesterol decreases most pronouncedly following the use of the combined therapies, to a lesser degree following the administration of A+E, still less following a single administration of meprobamate. It has been found, moreover, that although A+E therapy appreciably decreases total serum cholesterol, the effectiveness of meprobamate is slight in this respect. 3) Either therapy tends to stabilize blood pressure, but the combined treatment is more effective in this regard. It may safely be concluded that the use of these therapies singly or combined, will provide one of the most effective therapeutic approaches to the menopausal syndrome, the more especially so because of the absence of side effects, an important consideration when long term treatment, required in most such cases, is contemplated.
Publication Title 岡山大学温泉研究所報告
Published Date 1962-04-25
Volume volume30
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ISSN 0369-7142
language 日本語
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