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Title Alternative Chemical and Rb-Sr isotopic features of the shock-melted chondrite Yamato-793533
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Author Okano, Osamu| Katayama, Hiroko| Nakamura, Noboru|
Abstract The Sr isotopic compositions and Rb and Sr abundances, as well as major element abundances in olivine, pyroxenes and glass, were determined for a chip and 21 fractions separated from a shock-melted chondrite Yamato-793533, a dark-colored, porous stone with glassy texture. Two lithologies were recognized for the 1.5g specimen studied (Yamato-793533, 67) ; L (Main portion) and L to LL (Dark portion) chondritic in terms of chemical compositions of olivine and pyroxenes. The chemical compositions of glass are relatively homogeneous (SiO2=67-77%) compared to those of other ordinary chondrites, suggesting a moderate cooling rate after shock-melting. The data points for fractions do not foem any isochron in a 87Rb/86Sr vs. 87Sr/86Sr diagram. However, it is noted that six out of nine points for the dark portion plot around a 1.2 Ga line, while most of points for the main portion plot around a 4.55 Ga chondrite isochron. The observed difference could be responsible for difference in melting degrees between the two portions. Similar Rb-Sr features have been found among shock-melted Yamato-79 LL-chondrites which are considered to be paired stones experienced the same shock-melting event at 1.2 Ga. Consequently, the Rb-Sr systematics as well as petrologic features strongly suggest that Yamato-793533 is a member of a series of the shock-melted Yamato-79 LL-chondrites.
Keywords LL-chondrite Shock-melting Sr isotope
Publication Title Okayama University Earth Science Report
Published Date 1999-09-20
Volume volume6
Issue issue1
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