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Title Alternative A study of patient's intake of meals provided by the hospital and its relevant factors using a self-administered questionnaire
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Author Kataoka, Tetsuya| Sumiyoshi, Kazuko| Kawata, Chieko|
Abstract 岡山大学医学部附属病院に入院中で,主に消化器系の疾患を持ち手術を受けた患者,主に消化器内で治療中の患者,主に血液内科で治療前・治療中の患者,主に腎・内分泌内科など慢性疾患の治療を受けている患者で,1週間以上入院しており,了承の得られた92名の患者を対象に,自己申告による病院食の摂取量とその関連要因について調査した結果以下の4点が明らかになった。 1.病院食の摂取量が半分以下であると答えた患者は約40%であった。 2.病院食の摂取量は,治療方法,身体症状と強い関連がみられた。 3.病院食の摂取量が多い者は食事の時間を楽しく感じ,食事にも満足していた。 4.食事に対する知識・興味・行動・有益性と病院食の摂取量との間には有意な関係はみられなかった。
Abstract Alternative We examined patient's intake of meal and its relevant factors using a self-administered questionnaire. The 92 subjects of this study were patients in 1) post operational status with digestive diseases, 2) therapeutic conditions with digestive diseases, 3) therapeutic conditions with hemopathy, and 4) therapeutic conditions with kidney and endocrine diseases. All patients were hospitalized for more than a week. The results demonstrate that: 1) approximately 40% of the patients ate less than half of the patient meal; 2) patient's intake of meal was significantly related to pleasure of meal time and satisfaction of hospital food service; and 3) patient's intake of meal was strongly affected by the applied treatment and the symptoms in the patient; and 4) there was no significant correlation between patient's intake of meal and dietary knowledge, interest, action and benefit.
Keywords 病院食の摂取量 (patient's intake of meals) 身体症状 (the symptoms in the patient) 食事の満足度 (satisfaction of patient food service) 給食サービスの評価 (evaluation of patient food service)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2003-12-25
Volume volume14
Issue issue1
Start Page 37
End Page 45
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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