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Title Alternative Analysis of Factors Regarding Spa Therapy in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Author Yoshio, Keiko| Taguma, Masae| Noumi, Mayumi| Nakamura, Sumie| Harada, Seishi| Tanizaki, Yoshiro|
Abstract 1998年4月より9月までの6ヶ月間に当院へ入院し温泉療法をうけた慢性関節リウマチ患者6例を対象に,温泉治療経験の有無,年齢,機能障害度(クラス),罹患年数の4項目が温泉療法効果に及ぼす影響につき検討した。温泉治療経験の有無では治療経験を有する患者においてMHAQ(modified health assessment questionnaile),患者による疼痛評価,患者による全般活動性評価に有意な改善が見られ,年齢(75才以上,75才未満)では,75才未満においてMHAQに有意な改善傾向が見られた。機能障害度(クラス3以上,クラス2以下),罹患年数(15年以上,15年未満)においては有意差は見られなかった。温泉の永続効果を保つためには,年1~2回の入院を繰り返すことが効果的であることが示唆された。
Abstract Alternative In patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who received spa therapy (ST) on admission, we examined factors for treatment response. This study included 6 RA patients and the following 4 parameters were investigated: presence or absence of previous ST, age, duration of RA, and grade of the functional disorder. Treatment response was evaluated according to the American College of Rheumatology core set measures. With respect to the presence or absence of previous ST, modified health assessment questionnaire (MHAQ), pain scale and patient global assessments in the group with previous ST were significantly improved compared to those in the group without previous ST. With respect to age, MHAQ in the group consisting of patients less than 75 years old was significantly improved compared to that in the group consisting of patients 75 years old or older. With respect to the grade of the functional disorder (class 2 or lower vs. class 3 or higher) and the duration of RA (less than 15 years vs. 15 years or more), there were no significant differences. These results suggest that repeated therapy is more effective in ST and treatment response may be relatively poor in elderly patients with RA aged over 75 years.
Keywords 慢性関節リウマチ 温泉療法
Publication Title 岡大三朝分院研究報告
Published Date 1999-12
Volume volume70
Start Page 73
End Page 78
ISSN 0918-7839
language 日本語
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